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Law-Arbitration Int. Co.

Has been able to have a strong scientific network and during its life, by establishing joint working relationships within law firms in European, American and Asian countries to perform its services and proudly declares that what has been left behind is always accompanied by customer satisfaction and their satisfaction is considered as the biggest asset of the company, as the only law firm in the form of a private joint stock company within the framework of European law firms. The company was established in 1992.


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Domestic Legal Affairs

MEDIATIS Experienced lawyers, accepts each type of lawsuit and will move step by step with harmed people to realize the lost rights and takes steps to in a different way in terms of responding the client, with a wealth of knowledge and experience and considering the subject matter.

International Contracts

Experience has shown that the greatest damage to traders and industrialists from international relations is due to their lack of legal knowledge and the requirements of international agreements. Therefore, the international contracts unit of this company has provided an environment to provide advice to applicants, before any contract can be concluded and a relationship can be established to prevent problems. Also we will be with them since concluding the contract until the end of fulfilling the obligations, as a compassionate trustee and knowledgeable advisor.

Specialized International Arbitration

The issue of referring disputes and resolving misunderstandings between the parties involved in a contract to specialized arbitration has been considered and benefited from in European legal systems for more than five decades. This issue has met with relatively good luck in recent years, and economic activists have become aware of the relative advantages of resolving disputes through arbitration over referring matters to the judicial system, in Iran too. Accordingly, several reputable centers have paid special attention to arbitration and have solved the problems of the applicants. The company, with the cooperation of a number of specialized and experienced arbitrators, has been able to provide services in the field of maritime transport, insurance, commercial contracts, investment contracts and other specialized areas, and our arbitrators along with non-Iranian arbitrators have participated in specialized arbitration boards and provided the means to realize the rights of their compatriots, in some cases.

Immigration Services

The issue of emigration to other countries or temporary residence as well as investment outside of Iran, is a topic that has become very popular and false claimants of this work are found in society and harms It brings a lot to the applicants with the same amount of motivation. The relative ignorance of the applicants about the laws of the destination country is the most common cause of problems, in this way. MEDIATIS can provide peace of mind for those interested clients and prevents their vulnerability with its experienced lawyers and familiarity with the laws of various fields.

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