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Seyed Zia Al Din Khoramshahi

Education: Lawyer in the field of private law and international arbitration
Position: Founder of Mediatis Group
Education: Graduated in private law and economics
Occupations: Head of Notary Public / Chairman of the Legal-Judicial Commission of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce / Chairman of the Real-Administrative-Organizational Committee of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce / Member of the Board of Arbitration Center of the Chamber of Commerce / Member of the Supreme Arbitration Court / Member of the Islamic Human Rights Commission / Private Law Instructor Universities / Teacher and Animal Developer / President of the Iranian Intellectual Property Valuation Association

Mina Dadash Beigi

Education: Graduated with a Master of Criminal Law in Criminology
Position: Founder of Immigration Expert Group
Occupations: Member of the Legal Committee of the Iran-Italy ChamberŲ§

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