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The services that you receive in Dadgostar Media Company are provided by specialized departments that are provided by specialized and skilled experts so that you can leave your legal affairs to us with ease..


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Intellectual Property

Intellectual property, sometimes referred to as idea property, is an issue that has been neglected in Iran for many years and many intellectual property owners, could suffer due to ignorance of the laws and regulations and rights that exist for them. The lack or shortage of lawyers in this field has necessitated the establishment of a department in this field, and this has been achieved in Mediatis in such a way that our expert colleagues also provide advice in this field, and at the same time, valuation work. And take on the relevant contracts and defend against the onslaught of intellectual property, reassuring inventors, explorers, thinkers, startup owners and new entrepreneurs, and spreading a valuable umbrella over them.

Cyberspace affairs

The expansion of cyberspace and its influence and penetration in all walks of life, while facilitating affairs and providing a bed for peace of mind and preventing unnecessary traffic, has also become a cause for concern, concern and sometimes preoccupation of society. What is heard on a daily basis from cyberspace highlights the need to be more cautious and to avoid recklessness. Many of the crimes that are taking place today, such as bank account hacking, publishing photos and private news, selling counterfeit goods, etc., are some examples that have never existed in the past or provided the context for their occurrence. Aware of this issue, and the need to enter new legal fields, Mediatis has established a Cyberspace Victims Support Department and appointed its own specialized lawyers for this purpose. This department is responsible for victims of fraudulent sites, channels and applications, betting, selling illegal goods, counterfeit goods, etc.

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